Month: March 2019

Don’t lose your crypto- here are some tips to keep you Safe!

Important tips on securing your SafeCoin and other cryptocurrency. 1. Don’t store assets on exchanges! Exchanges will always be a target for hackers. And sometimes exchanges just shut down. 2. Use cold wallets, hardware wallets or secure paper wallets when possible. 3. Backup your private keys. Backup your wallet.dat AND backup your private keys for…
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SafeCoin Now listed at Escodex

We are happy to announce Safecoin’s first DEX listing. Escodex is a decentralized exchange that is based on escrow concept. It allows anonymous global traders to swap their digital assets. Escodex is located in Estonia Trading Fees: 0.01% to 0.1% Start trading at Escodex

SafeWallet v0.35 Released

We are pleased to announce that our latest wallet update Changelog: lite mode sapling compatibility new spv servers various bugfixes Note that Native mode is still preferred as a valuable contribution to our growing network (when possible). This feature-packed wallet currently has some experimental features disabled as we test further, in order to provide…
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SafeCoin Added to CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is the leading cryptocurrency directory on the internet. It ranks cryptocurrencies according to their market cap and cryptocurrency exchanges by their trading volume. We are proud to announce that SafeCoin is now listed on CoinMarketCap. This is a significant milestone for the project as it exposes our brand to a whole new audience. Track…
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SafeCoin is Now Available on Blockfolio Signal

SafeCoin has been available on the hugely popular cryptocurrency application Blockfolio for a long time. We are proud to announce that SafeCoin now supports Blockfolio Signal too. This will allow us to effectively connect with all SafeCoin users. Blockfolio – The World’s Most Popular Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker The Blockfolio app is available on…
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Resolving a UraniumX Security Incident

UraniumX (URX) is a CPU mineable coin that is GPU and ASIC resistant. The cryptocurrency was added to SafeTrade in November 2018. A few days ago the SafeTrade team were informed about a stolen URX wallet that contained funds that totalled over 1 BTC. Thankfully, we were informed in enough time to stop the funds…
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