Month: May 2019

SafeNodes Collateral funding begins!

Team SAFE is thrilled to announce the beginning of the SafeNodes setup process: SafeNodes Key Creation and Funding. The beginning of making crypto better and Safer for everyone with the MATCH protocol. Please keep in mind that this is JUST the first step, and we will be providing additional steps very shortly as people’s funded…
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SafePay iOS Release

SafePay, the newest member of the SafeCoin ecosystem, is now available for iOS ! Built with Ease of Use in mind, but with uncompromising Security and packed with advanced mobile and multisig features, we hope SafePay can make a difference for new and experienced users alike. Featuring Safecoin, this wallet offers a number of other…
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SafePay Wallet Released

Team Safe proudly presents: SafePay, a multi-project cryptocurrency wallet for your mobile phone SafePay makes your crypto payments Safe & Secure for Safecoin, and all your favorite cryptocurrencies in the SafeCoin and SafeTrade ecosystem. An enhanced Copay application with full multi-signature capabilities. Group together with your friends and family to split the bill, or send…
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