ANON Launch Supported by SafeTrade

ANON Launch Supported by SafeTrade

The SafeCoin team has been working tirelessly over the last few weeks.

Two weeks ago we launched version 0.30 of SafeWallet. This was a significant milestone for our project as it added support for BitcoinZ. It’s our first step towards a versatile multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet.

Since then the focus has been on our cryptocurrency exchange SafeTrade.

SafeTrade is Growing

One of the key focuses of SafeTrade is to not just add new cryptocurrencies to the exchange, but add the right ones.

We have introduced a number of new coins to SafeTrade over the last few weeks.

Genesis were originally launched as SafeCash. Due to the similarity with our own brands, they decided to rebrand. We were happy to repay their professionalism and add their cryptocurrency to SafeTrade.

In addition to Genesis, SafeTrade are proud to support the launch of ANON too.

Let’s find out more about ANON.

What is ANON?

Founded by Jake Greenbaum, ANON is a brand new cryptocurrency that is launching as a fork of Zclassic and Bitcoin. Anyone holding Zclassic at the snapshot date on 10 September 2018 will get two ANON for every Zclassic they hold. Bitcoin holders will get ANON on a one to one basis.

ANON will use the Equihash (144,5) algorithm and offer anonymous transactions and support for masternodes (500 ANON are required). They estimaate that they will have a circulating supply of 26.4 million at the fork and have a max supply of 40 million.

The ANON block reward will be 1MB in size and offer 50 coins every 10 minutes. The block reward gives 65% to miners and 35% to masternode holders.

ANON Fork Information

A summary of ANON.

The Launch of ANON

The snapshot of ANON will take place on 10 September 2018 at 9pm EST (21:00 EST). In order to claim your ANON coins, you need to either hold your coins in a support wallet or a supported exchange.

Supported wallets include Zeltrez, Coinomi, and Jaxx.

SafeTradeSafeTrade is proud to support the ANON launch. You can claim your ANON coins and have them ready to trade by holding Zclassic or Bitcoin on SafeTrade. Coins held on Cryptopia and TradeSatoshi will also be rewarded ANON.

ANON Arriving

ANON is coming soon.

For more information about how you claim your coins, we recommend you read the “How to Claim Your ANON” article by Jake Greenbaum.

If you have any further questions, we encourage you to ask them on the ANON Discord.

The Safe Way to Trade Cryptocurrency

SafeTrade will be the exclusive exchange for ANON for a few days before other exchanges support it. The SafeCoin team invested a huge amount of money and time into improving the infrastructure of SafeTrade in preperation of the ANON launch.

These steps were made to ensure that the launch goes smoothly when trading volume increases.

Rest Easy

Your ANON is safe with SafeTrade.

We are proud to welcome ANON to the SafeCoin and SafeTrade family and we hope that all the new users of SafeTrade like our exchange.

To find out more about ANON, please visit the official ANON website.

Thanks for reading.



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