Auto Withdrawels Now Live on SafeTrade

Auto Withdrawels Now Live on SafeTrade

The SafeCoin team are working on improving SafeTrade every week.

Last week we shared news of the upcoming KioskZ payment terminals from BitcoinZ that will use the SafeTrade exchange to handle cryptocurrency to fiat transactions. We also spoke about the addition of two new coins to the exchange.

SafeTrade is still in beta, however we are planning a number of improvements over the next few weeks that will improve the usability of the exchange considerably.

Auto Withdrawels are Now Live

We are pleased to announce that auto withdrawels are now active on SafeTrade.

Until now, all cryptocurrency withdrawels have been manually processed for security reasons. These manual withdrawels were processed three times per day.

We fully understand the importance of fast deposits and withdrawels for SafeTrade users, so we are happy that all withdrawels are now processed automatically.

As you are aware, SafeTrade is still in beta development, but every week we move closer to a full official launch.

Withdrawing BTC

SafeTrade now processes withdrawels automatically.

Many thanks to all SafeTrade users who have supported us over the last few months. We appreciate the patience and understanding you showed the team whilst manual withdrawels were active.



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