Bitcoin Private Added to SafeTrade Exchange

Bitcoin Private Added to SafeTrade Exchange

SafeTrade continues to grow and add more great crypocurrencies.

The latest coin to join our exchange is Bitcoin Private; a coin that launched this year with an emphasis on privacy. The projects has making strides in a lot of areas over the last few mnonths including improved speed and eCommerce.

Bitcoin Private – The Privacy Coin

Bitcoin Private launched in February 2018 as a fork of Bitcoin and Zclassic (a coin that was also added to our exchange this week). Like Zclassic, the coin uses the Equihash (200,9) algorithm.

The team have been working on a major rebase recently in order to add support for functionality such as BIP32, SegWit, Lightning Network, and more.

Their payment solution BTCP Pay is making headlines in the eCommerce world too. WordPress website owners can download the WooCommerce plugin and add BTCP Pay to their website to accept payments anonymously. It’s currently being tested by hundreds of online stores.


BTCP Pay provides a simple and effective way of accepting cryptocurrency on your website.

We are proud to welcome Bitcoin Private to the SafeCoin and SafeTrade community and believe they are a fantastic addition to the exchange.

To find out more about the project, please visit the official Bitcoin Private website.

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