SafeNodes are Dockerized!

Posted on 
July 26, 2020
Jeff Galloway

We are pleased to announce that SafeNodes (along with Safecoin) are now dockerized and ready for simple, secure and scaleable deployment!

Looking to set up your SafeNode on docker? Not a problem at all, we've got an automated and simple setup ready for you here:

Want to get started with your Safecoin wallet on nearly any machine? We have simple straightforward documentation for you here:

Dockerized containers are important because they make SafeNodes and Safecoin more scaleable and cross-compatible which allows us to focus on what we love, adding new features and growing utility for Safecoin and SafeNodes to make a real world difference in and outside of the crypto community. We plan on adding considerable advancedments to SafeNodes and it is extremely important that we have a standard cross compatible method of installing them that eveyrone can easily follow. For users, it means a lot less hassle, better reliability and also more security for their nodes. We will gradually be giving containerization and virtualization such as docker more priority, starting with Pinning these repos to our front github page at

The amount of operating systems and machines that Safecoin and SafeNodes can easily be installed on has just exponentially increased, and we're excited about that! A big thank you @3DA4C300 for his work on this solution including the complete translation of a SafeNode registration into docker. Stay tuned for what he's working on next, especially the Raspberry Pi lovers out there :)

For more information on Docker please see:

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