SafeTrade Upgrade

Posted on 
December 2, 2019
Cameron Green

Calgary, Canada — For immediate release— Today, SafeTrade is proud to announce a significant upgrade to the SafeTrade cryptocurrency exchange. SafeTrade opened in May 2018 as an exchange dedicated to security, and currently has over 25 trading pairs. This upgrade is online now and ready for traders to use immediately.

The new SafeTrade is a significant upgrade in both software and hardware. The updated user interface will give traders more control over their trading environment, with drag-and-drop window frame organization, improved charting, better depth charts, and lightning-fast orders. The back-end and server upgrades will ensure lightning-fast trade executions as well as much higher trade volume capabilities and faster order refreshes. User profiles will have more options, and traders will be able to control their two-factor authentication (2FA) settings.

Existing users won’t need to do anything other than being in control of their current email address that is registered with SafeTrade. The new site will guide you through a new 2FA setup, and you will be back to trading in no time!

New users will simply sign up with their email address. New and existing users will be happy to know SafeTrade will continue to be a low price leader after this update and has some of the lowest trading fees in the industry. SafeTrade currently does not require know-your-customer (KYC) information and will continue to be a safe, legal, and as private of exchange as possible. SafeTrade believes strongly in privacy and security.

SafeTrade uses the similarly named SafeCoin as the exchange coin. It should come as no surprise then that the backbone of SafeCoin is security. SafeCoin uses the novel MATCH protocol to notarize the SafeCoin blockchain to multiple other blockchains, at little or no cost to the project. This allows SafeCoin to be truly decentralized, with no ICO to centrally fund notarization nodes. The future of SafeCoin will allow for nearly immediate confirmation of a transaction, making SafeCoin the best choice for use as a cryptocurrency and point of sale transactions. Combined with the ability to secure other blockchains, SafeCoin will soon be able to help secure any cryptocurrency against reorganization or “51%” attacks. SafeCoin is looking forward to building the security and usefulness of all of the cryptocurrency as a whole. For more information, be sure to check out SafeCoin/SafeTrade on Discord.

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