Consumer Centric Driven Implementation In A Decentralized World

Consumer Centric Driven Implementation In A Decentralized World

Are You Always Going Down The Cryptocurrency Road Most Traveled?

The crypto world is a massive coin traffic jam of every project imaginable. The majority of projects never fully take flight and often leave the bag holders (hodlers) with coins that are on a nonstop flight to nothingness. We all know there are inherent risks with crypto investing, but we do it anyway with the hope of finding that one true diamond in the rough that can produce lasting results and growth.

Holders of the various coins often have lofty coin team expectations mixed with uncertainty on whether or not the project is verifiably real and forward thinking. Inevitably, the majority of the current cryptocurrency coins (and by default the coin teams) seem to fall short of the coin holders expectations about how their project should move forward.

Why Is SafeCoin Different From Other Coins?

As a coin development team, distinguishing yourself in a sea of coin differentiation can be challenging. However, there is a business philosophy that applies just as easily in the crypto world as it does in the corporate world. Known as Consumer Centric Driven Implementation, this philosophy is based on creating a customer-centric culture that puts the needs of the customer above the needs of the organization, or in this case the SafeCoin Team.

We understand that a corporate-driven approach to customer service might not be the norm in the crypto world, but we want to make it the norm for SafeCoin.

SafeCoin Values Support

We recognise the importance of providing support to SafeCoin users.

Will This Implementation Be Immediate?

The short and long answer to this question is (1) Yes and (2) No.

  1. Yes, we will immediately implement some aspects of improved customer service in terms of coin development, Safe.Trade exchange updates and website(s) functionality
  2. No, this process will not all be done in the very short term due to budget restraints and the need to increase our overall manpower hours output by acquiring more quality team members

SafeCoin and its further development will be a continual work in progress that never settles. Our eye will always be towards the future.

Can A Corporate Business Philosophy Really Work In A Decentralized Crypto World?

The surprising answer is … yes. Customers are customers no matter what form they take and all customers adhere to the same basic tenets of needs.

  • To be treated with respect
  • To be helped by competent people
  • To have their problem taken seriously
  • To never feel marginalized

There are more tenets but basically, if you take care of the customer the rest will take care of itself. Safecoin intends to take care of its customers now and in the future.

Jeff Hottman

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Jeff Hottman is a cryptocurrency doer of things who has been interested in decentralized currency since 2014. He has participated in several 12 step blockchain programs but is not a licensed developer. He usually goes by Bittzy78
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