Dogecoin and Ravencoin Added to SafeTrade Exchange

Dogecoin and Ravencoin Added to SafeTrade Exchange

The SafeCoin team has focused all their attention on SafeTrade the last few weeks.

There have been a number of developments that regular users will have noticed, such as the new user interface and the addition of Dogecoin and Ravecoin. A lot of work has been going in with the infrastructure too that will allow the exchange to go from strengh to strength.

SafeTrade Continues to Grow

We are proud to welcome Dogecoin and Ravencoin to the SafeTrade family.

Dogecoin famously started its life as a meme, but it has proved to be one of the most versatile cryptocurrencies around today. It’s listed on dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges, apps, and wallets; and remains one of the easiest and most affordable ways to transfer funds from one exchange to another.

Ravencoin has proved to hugely popular with miners. The coin was launched earlier this year and introduced the popular ASIC resistant algorithm X16R to the world. In the future the cryptocurrency is going to implenent an asset system.

Both coins are a welcome addtion to the SafeTrade exchange.


Ravencoin introduced the X16R mining algorithm.

Full Steam Ahead

Shortly after we announced the release of SafeWallet 0.30, version 0.31 was announced that addressed a couple of minor bugs. We encourage you to download this updated version.

The main focus since SafeWallet 0.31 has been SafeTrade.

If you login to SafeTrade regularly you will have noticed the new home page and the new user interface. The new user interface is still being actively developed and should be considered a beta version.

In comparison to our previous design, the current user interface looks like a step backwards as it is still being refined, though it is actually a major step forward for the exchange. This new user interface can be modified quicker and more effectively that the previous version.

Please stay tuned for a major announcement about the user interface soon. We have no doubt you are going to be impressed with the final product.

New User Interface

Our new user interface has a cleaner design.

Whilst the new SafeTrade user interface has been generating the most discussions, major developments have been happening in the backend of the exchange.

We have significantly improved the infrastructure of the exchange so that SafeTrade is not only faster, but can handle tens of thousands of users actively trading at the one time.

Scaling the capacity of an exchange is costly, though we are aware it is not something that gets users excited. Yet this jump in scaling and performance is an essential milestone in the growth of SafeTrade as it will enable stable growth and prepares the exchange for spikes in volume.

We are positive that all SafeTrade users are going to be happy with what lies ahead.

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