Hyperspace Cloud Storage Added to SafeTrade

Hyperspace Cloud Storage Added to SafeTrade

We are pleased to announce that the cloud storage project Hyperspace has been added to the SafeTrade exchange. It trades under the ticker symbol XSC (XSC/Safe & XSC/BTC).

The project utilises blockchain technology to achieve low cost storage. It’s a fascinating project and a great addition to the SafeCoin & SafeTrade family.

Storage Does Not Need to Be Expensive

The idea behind Hyperspace is simple. There are a lot of people in the world with unused hard drive space. Hyperspace allows those people to rent out their storage in return for Space Cash.

The distributed set up of the Hyperspace Cloud Storage network allows for fast transfers. All files on the network are encrypted to ensure privacy.

About Hyperspace

Hyperspace aims to offer low cost storage.

90% of all Space Cash will go to miners and 10% goes to the Hyperspace team.

The coin began as a fork of the Sia codebase and has a max supply of around 16 billion. You can find out more about how the coins are divided on their Space Cash page.

To the Moon

We are proud to have Hyperspace trading on SafeTrade. It is a unique project that is trying to solve a problem that all computer users face.

Be sure to check out their website to see how the project is progressing.

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