An Interview with SafeCoin & SafeTrade Founder Jeff Galloway

An Interview with SafeCoin & SafeTrade Founder Jeff Galloway

As a self-professed cryptocurrency enthuasist, I love finding out more about the people behind successful cryptocurrency projects. It’s great getting an insight into who they are, what drives them, and what plans they have for the future.

Being a YouTuber, I am in a unique position to connect with many wonderful people in the cryptocurrency world. I was therefore really pleased to have the opportunity to speak with Jeff Galloway recently on my YouTube channel. Jeff’s views on cryptocurrency and his drive to make SafeCoin and a success is what convinced me to join the SafeCoin team myself.

An Interview with Jeff Galloway

The initial plan for our interview was for us to talk live for a few hours and cover a range of topics such as the start of the SafeCoin project, development, exchanges, and more.

Unfortunately, on the day we planned to do the interview Jeff found himself swamped with a lot of other work. Rather than cancel the interview, we decided to focus our discussion on SafeTrade as we knew we didn’t have time to cover a variety of topics.

Give some appreciation to Jeff for taking part in the interview as he had to pull in somewhere in his car to get a good internet connection and then had to sit in the car in the blistering sun as workmen were creating a ton of noise outside. Not exactly ideal, but we got through it 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed the interview. Stay tuned as I am planning on speaking to Jeff more about SafeCoin and SafeTrade in the future.



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Kevin Muldoon is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who has been working online since 2000. He is known in the cryptocurrency world for his YouTube channel "Kev's Crypto Channel".
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