Introducing the MATCH protocol for SafeNodes

Introducing the MATCH protocol for SafeNodes

SafeCoin, the project behind SafeTrade’s flagship base trading pair, has been hard at work developing the world’s first Multi-Asset Transactional Consensus Hardening (MATCH) protocol, which introduces SafeNodes. The MATCH protocol is already active on the SafeCoin blockchain, at a very small scale.

We are looking for projects that we believe will have a lasting impact in the cryptosphere as well as the growing worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency, projects that can benefit from protection and those that align with our vision of the world’s first sustainable, no-cost cross-chain linking protection.

While SafeNodes are under active development, we will begin to offer staged releases as previously announced, with 3 Tiers: 10k, 50k, and 100k collateral.

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David Bentler

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David is an experienced developer from Germany who has been involved in cryptocurrency for years.
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