SafeCoin Community approach to building a Safer Cryptocurrency

SafeCoin is built first and foremost around a rapidly growing community of cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts who strive to make SafeCoin the Safe, Fair, and Useable for everyone. Instead of a 50 percent ICO, for instance, SafeCoin is well distributed across an educated cryptocurrency community which works together for mutual benefit and the betterment of our privacy rights.

Decentralized Interest

SafeCoin currently offers 5% per annum compound interest to those who actively use it. This fair distribution of interest rewards those who further the adoption of SafeCoin.

Atomic Swaps

  • Atomic Swaps are just one of many impressive features SafeCoin looks to leverage from Komodo's codebase.
  • We are working hard to set up an improved Atomic Swap compatible network that offers maximum safety to its users
  • Atomic Swaps are a decentralized form of exchange between cryptocurriencies and fiat-tethered cryptocurrencies
  • Stay tunned for more info on an Atomic Swap launch in the next few days
  • SafeCoin and FairExchange are also working hard on a SafeCoin-based Decentralized Exchange

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Coming Soon, to be the main trading pair on Fair Exchange.


Atomic Swaps will be available in a matter of days