KioskZ Terminals Will Accept SafeCoin & Use SafeTrade for Payments

KioskZ Terminals Will Accept SafeCoin & Use SafeTrade for Payments

KioskZ is a new real-world payment gateway system that is being launched by our friends at BitcoinZ. We are proud to be part of this exciting project.

These payment terminals will help bring BitcoinZ and SafeCoin to the masses. The goal is to implement these terminals in restaurants and other suitable shops.

KioskZ Terminals

KioskZ terminals will be introduced into restaurants and shops.

Businesses who use KioskZ payment terminals will be able to accept cryptocurrency as payments. The whole process is quick and user-friendly.

Cryptocurrency is exchanged for fiat currency using the SafeTrade cryptocurrency exchange using atomic swaps.

KioskZ Explained

How transactions will work.

We are proud and excited to be part of this project and looking forward to BitcoinZ and SafeCoin being accepted around the world.

Official Announcement

If you would like to more about KioskZ payment terminals, I encourage you to watch the official announcement below.

There is also a good overview of how the payment system will work on Reddit.

A Real World Payment Solution

On a personal level, I was very excited about this announcment.

As you all know, I regularly keep up to date with the latest cryptocurrencies that are being launched and regularly read the whitepapers of these new coins. I’m passionate about SafeCoin, however I am also excited about many other projects that are being developed.

Of course, many new coins that are being announced do not have solid long-term goals. I frequently see new projects that do not have any explanation of how their coin will be implemented in the real world as a currency.

That is why KioskZ excites me. It highlights how BitcoinZ, SafeCoin, and the SafeTrade exchange, are going to be utilised in the real world.

I share my thoughts on this issue in the video below.

The BitcoinZ team are still in the early stages of developing KioskZ terminals. We will be sure to update you all as and when major milestones are reached.

Thanks for reading.



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