The First Equihash 144,5 AMD Miner Has Launched (lolMiner)

The First Equihash 144,5 AMD Miner Has Launched (lolMiner)

SafeCoin recently moved from Equihash 200,9 to Equihash 144,5 (also known as ZHash). The transition was a great success and means that SafeCoin is once again a GPU friendly coin that is resistant to ASIC miners.

From the very start, Nvidia GPU miners were able to mine our new algorithm using EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner. Unfortunately, at the time of the fork there was no equivalent for AMD graphics card users.

This is not something that the SafeCoin has been happy about as we know how important AMD miners are to our future. Thankfully, a new AMD friendly miner called lolMiner was released this week.

lolMiner-144.5 Released

The release of lolMiner-144.5 v0.38 this week was welcomed by all coins who use Equihash 144,5.

This miner uses OpenCL and can be used by AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.


lolMiner still has a lot of issues that need addressed.

As you would expect with a new miner that is still in beta, there have been some teething problems. Early adopters have reported some difficulties in getting the miner running.

This is obviously frustrating for AMD GPU owners, though we should hopefully see some improvements to this miner over the coming weeks. Long term, we should see more mining applications being developed for Equihash 144,5 that support Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

If you mine with AMD graphics cards, we encourage you to download lolMiner and see how it works for you.

EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner Updated to Version 0.3

This week we also saw an update of EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner from version 0.2 to version 0.3.

This new version can apparently increase your hashrate by 0 to 10% (depending on your GPU). I saw the total hashrate of my rigs go up by around 4% in total; though you might see a better jump in hashrate. It really does depend on what cards you have in your mining set up.

Some people have said that version 0.3 draws more power than version 0.2. I haven’t noticed a big change in power usage, however I never took a note of the power draw of very GPU either, so I am not sure whether these reports are true or not.

As always, I recommend doing some tests yourself to see if you have seen any major improvement in hashrate and efficiency.

Good luck.


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