Community Driven Cutting Edge – Fair Distribution – R&D Focus

Community Driven Cutting Edge

SafeCoin leverages the most advanced Safety and Privacy based cryptocurrency technology available today, and is rapidly implementing this in Useable, Practical ways while working to continually discover improvements in user privacy and safety for cryptocurrency.

SafeCoin's most powerful resource is its fantastic, talented growing community of individuals who care about our future and privacy rights, who are working hard to make this world a better place thorough their contributions at SafeCoin

Fair Distribution

While we too at Safecoin would love a magical mutli-million dollar windfall, we believe that real long lasting value comes from teamwork and cooperation. We know that ICOs do not come anywhere close to providing the kind of fair distribution necessary to build a community driven cryptocurrency solution. We also find it humorous when trying to comprehend arguements to the contrary (from those who benefit from the ICOs).

  • No Dev Fees
  • No Treasury Fees
  • No Node Operator Fees
  • Miners get their block rewards, and those blcok rewards are Really good (for now)

R&D Focus

We have a two-pronged approach to R&D which involves integrating other Cutting Edge open source technology, and inventing our own where needs exist. We do not Re-invent wheels, there are too many truly unique innovations to discover. We Utilize Open Source. We fork code that was meant to be forked. And we give back what we invent to the Open Source Community (no Closed-Source Node Servers). We like to think of a world where everyone worked together on a better solution.

  • Decentralized Trust
  • SwiftCoin Protocol
  • Integrated Zero Kowledge Mobile API

Our Technology