The SafeCoin Roadmap

The roadmap below shows a timeline of when key phases of the SafeCoin project were completed together with targets for the future.



Legacy Safecoin™ Launched


Conceptual Phase: Incorporate cutting edge privacy / security


SafeCoin with zkSNARKS Re-Launched (02.10.18)

Legacy Safecoin liquidated

Q1 2018

Safecoin Announced at Bitcointalk
Official Explorer goes live
Windows GUI Wallets are released
Paper Wallet ready for use
Bchain Explorer listing

Q2 2018

Linux and Mac GUI Wallets
Extensive work on the blockchain
SafeTrade Exchange(CEX) Beta-release
Testnet goes live to the public in preperation for the upcoming Algorithm change
Web Wallet now live
Voting page for SafeTrade Coin-listing’s
Forked to Zhash (Equihash 144_5) at Block 175375
Added/Listed to/on Mycryptostats, Coinlib, Livecoinwatch
Coincodex, Worldcoinindex, Coinranker and Coinranking
rading now also available on Crex24 Exchange

Q3 2018

Added to Blockfolio and Delta app
SafeTrade Android App/widget
Android Wallet
ElectrumX Lite-function added to Desktop Wallet with Voting & SafeTrade Panel
Listed on CryptoCompare
Multi-coin functionality added to Desktop Wallets with BitcoinZ as the first coin
Added to ZelTreZ a Multi-coin wallet from Zelcash
Swissknife Panel added to the Desktop Wallets with Advanced Tools, Guides and a FAQ
Listed at CoinGecko
New UI for SafeTrade

Q4 2018

Archlinux Wallet released
Live Presentation at Cryptoconventions Canada
Added to MiningPoolStats
SafeWallet now with TLS, an innovation from Horizen

Q1 2019

Changed Algorithm parameters from Equihash 144_5. To FPGA-resistant Equihash 192_7
Trading now also available on Graviex Exchange
Trading now also available on Escodex
Block reward halving-schedule changed to prolonge POW
Due to a announced vulnerability in the Zcash Sprout parameters, Sprout Z-addresses are burned and re-activated with Sapling. Supply is verified.
Listed at AthCoinindex, CoinLore, ChainSage and CoinPaprika
Safecoin added to CoinMarketCap
SafeCoin is Now Available on Blockfolio Signal

Q2 2019

Safenodes demonstration
Safenodes implementation
Notarization Partnerships


Merging go technology to expand exchange into mainstream markets

Fair.Exchange Beta-Launch of integrated Decentralized Exchange

Evolution of decentralized exchange into Decentralized Market

Full Implementation of SwiftCoin Protocol

Mobile API for advanced next gen integrations

Expand safecoin into charitable causes that not only help people worldwide but further the safecoin brand and cryptocurrency as a whole.