SafeCoin Added to CoinMarketCap

SafeCoin Added to CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is the leading cryptocurrency directory on the internet. It ranks cryptocurrencies according to their market cap and cryptocurrency exchanges by their trading volume.

We are proud to announce that SafeCoin is now listed on CoinMarketCap. This is a significant milestone for the project as it exposes our brand to a whole new audience.

Track Us on CoinMarketCap

You can find a host of information on CoinMarketCap about SafeCoin. On the main listing page you can see links to our main website, our BitCoinTalk announcement, our block explorer, and much more.

SafeCoin on CoinMarketCap

There are links to important SafeCoin pages on the official listing page.

The charts area will show the historic price of SafeCoin across all exchanges where our coin is traded.

SafeCoin Charts

The historic price of SafeCoin is displayed.

This milstone is the result of a lot of hard work from the Safers team and Team SafeCoin. We also appreciate the help, support, and patience, of the whole SafeCoin community.

Get SafeCoin Updates with Blockfolio Signal

Blockfolio is one of the most popular cryptocurrency applications available online. It allows iOS and Android users to monitor their favourite cryptocurrencies and receive alerts to price changes.

Using their Blockfolio Signal feature, we can now send important updates to all SafeCoin users. This is a fantastic way of informing SafeCoin users of importance announcements, security updates, and more.


SafeCoin on Blockfolio

Get important updates with Blockfolio Signal.

For a more detailed explanation of how this works, please read our official announcement.


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