SafeCoin Changing to Equihash 192,7

SafeCoin Changing to Equihash 192,7

In July 2018 SafeCoin moved from Equihash 200,9 to Equihash 144,5. This change was made to help SafeCoin remain ASIC resistant.

Those of you who are part of our Discord community will be aware that today we are moving from Equihash 144,5 to Equihash 192,7.

This decision was made to help us tackle NiceHash mining and FPGA mining. The move to 192,7 will help GPU miners get better rewards for mining SafeCoin.

Equihash 192_7

The move to Equihash 192,7 will occur at block 523200. As noted in our recent announcement about SafeWallet to version 0.34, the block reward will halve at this time too.

SafeCoin founder explained the reason for this migration in a recent announcement on Discord.

As a result of our community voting by overwhelming majority, SafeCoin will be switching to Equihash 192_7 with the same personalization string (“Safecoin”).

Our move to Equihash 192_7 gives us far greater resistance to FPGAs, which allows for a smoother hashrate and more consistent rewards for GPU miners.

At this time, it also resists Nicehash, which is a goal we always strive for. We will always listen to our community, and this change reflects that philosophy.

We hope Equihash 192_7 serves us well, and you can look at our support, our FAQ, or speak to our team, about ways you can mine Safecoin on it with AMD or NVidia, including 3GB GPUs and up as well as supported pools during the transition.

Thank you kindly for your support, and once again, as a reminder, please move out of any Z-addresses prior to our Z-address burn on March 1st!

All SafeCoin mining pools have been informed about this change.

If you have any further questions regarding the change to Equihash 192,7, please ask in our Discord.

Thanks for reading.



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