SafeCoin Team Meeting – 2nd Week of August

SafeCoin Team Meeting – 2nd Week of August

Our first online team meeting was a huge success. Due to its popularity with SafeCoin miners and investors; we decided to do it all again a week later.

This meeting was originally planned to go live on the Official SafeCoin YouTube channel. Unfortunately, YouTube requires you to wait 24 hours before live streaming is activated, so the stream went live on my YouTube channel.

Moving forward, all team meetings and official Q & As will go through the SafeCoin YouTube channel 🙂

SafeCoin Live Team Meeting

This week’s team meeting was less structured than the previous week. We did chat about wallets and the SafeTrade exchange; however most of the meeting was focused on how we should approach our marketing going forward.

The team are aware of how important marketing is so we will be looking at the best way to promote SafeCoin to more people with competitions, airdrops, interviews, and more.

One of the things that the whole SafeCoin has always strived to do is listen to feedback from SafeCoin users.

During the stream someone noted that we were not following an agenda in this week’s team meeting. Whilst this meeting was a little more laid back than our first meeting, we do appreciate that an agenda can help the team stay on topic for everything we need to discuss.

Our next live team meeting will be on the Official SafeCoin YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon so you are notified.



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