SafeNodes Are Coming Soon

SafeNodes Are Coming Soon

One feature that all SafeCoin users have been looking forward to is SafeNodes.

We are pleased to announce that our node system is coming very soon. A landing page has been set up for our SafeNodes feature to let everyone know that they are coming soon.

In the future this website will give details of how SafeNodes will be implemented and how SafeCoin coin holders can host a node themselves.

SafeNodes will be a major milestone in SafeCoin’s journey and we are really looking forward to taking our project to the next level.

Your Opinion Matters

The term “Community Coin” gets thrown around a lot, but if you look back at all major decisions the SafeCoin team have made over the last few months, you will see that every change or new feature was made after speaking with the community.

For example, the team spent weeks speaking to SafeCoin users about the launch of Equihash ASIC miners and asked for feedback on what our response should be.

We would once again like to invite all SafeCoin users to give us feedback on how we should set up SafeNodes. You can do this by visiting the SafeCoin Discord and posting your thoughts in the #SafeNodes discussion room.

SafeNodes Feedback

You can shape the future of SafeCoin by telling us what you would like to see in our SafeNodes.

There has been a huge amount of activity in the #SafeNodes discussion room since SafeNodes were announced a few days. Topics include the minimum requirement for a block reward, the % of the block reward that should go to nodes, whether there should be tiers of nodes, and much more.

Nothing has been decided about SafeNodes yet and the way the node network is set up will be heavily influenced by the community.

We therefore encourage you all to make your voice heard by dropping by the SafeCoin Discord and letting us know what you would like to see in our nodes network.

Thanks for reading.



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