SafeWallet v0.32 Released

SafeWallet v0.32 Released

We are proud to announce the release of SafeWallet v0.32.

A huge thank you to SafeCoin developer Oleksandr Black, who worked tirelessly on this update. The new version adds support for TLS encryption. This allows SafeCoin users to make 100% anonymous transactions safely and discretely.

SafeWallet Now Supports TLS Encryptions

SafeWallet now supports TLS encryptions.

SafeWallet Version 0.32

Horizen, formerly ZenCash, worked tirelessly to implement TLS into their products. Credit to the Horizen team for working with SafeCoin to help us introduce TLS too.

At the time of writing, Horizen and SafeCoin are the only cryptocurrencies to offer TLS enryption.

SafeWallet 0.32

TLS encryption is a stand out feature for SafeWallet.

SafeWallet 0.32 also helps us transition to SafeNodes. Code has been supported to the wallet that will help support SafeNodes in the future.

SafeWallet 0.32

SafeWallet 0.32 brings us closer to the release of SafeNodes.

This wallet version also introduces many other new features, bug fixes, and design improvements. It is another significant step towards our vision of creating the best cryptocurrency wallet available.

SafeWallet 0.32

SafeWallet introduces many design improvements.

Download Now

We encourage you all to update your SafeWallets. You can download version 0.32 on GitHub.

Thanks again to Oleksandr Black and the Horizen team for making this wallet a reality.



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