SafeWallet v0.33 Released

SafeWallet v0.33 Released

We are happy to the announce the release of version 0.33 of the SafeCoin wallet.

This update is necessary following the rollback that was recently implemented. We encourage all SafeCoin users to update.

SafeWallet Version 0.33

You can download version 0.33 from Github. Be sure to check our official wallets page for future versions and for links to other version of other wallet (such as our web wallet and paper wallet).

SafeCoin developer Oleksandr Black has advised that if you find Safewallet 0.33 is stuck in the old chain, or displays an incorrect balance or synchronization error, please run Safewallet_rollback.exe This file will address any syncing problems associated with syncing to the wrong chain.

Version 0.33 also introduces some experimental features. These features are currently disabled, but will be enabled in future versions to aid testing and development.

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