SafeWallet Version 0.29 Released

SafeWallet Version 0.29 Released

Over the last few months we have received many suggestions on how our SafeCoin wallet could be improved.

We are pleased to announce that our latest wallet update introduces many new features. Whilst our wallets should still be considered Beta, we consider this to be a signicant update and we encourage everyone to upgrade to it.

As always, we recommend you take all precautions before upgrading so that you do not lose your funds. Do not take any risks.

Before installing SafeWallet Version 0.29, make sure you:

  • Back up your SafeCoin Wallet.dat file
  • Back up your Wallet Seed / WIF Key

You can download the wallet from our Github SafeWallet GUI Releases page. If you prefer to download version 0.29 directly, please do so via the links below:

If you unsure about any part of the upgrade process, please visit the SafeCoin Discord and post a question in the Wallet Support room.

New Wallet Features

When you have upgraded to SafeWallet 0.29 you will be asked whether you want to load up in Native Mode or in Lite Mode.

If possible, we encourage you to select Native Mode in order to strengthen the SafeCoin network.

SafeWallet Intro Screen

You can choose from two different wallets.

You can switch between Lite Mode and Native Mode at any time. Just make sure you have your Wallet Seed or WIF Key in order to activate the wallet.

Lite SafeWallet

Be sure to keep your wallet seed in a safe place.

The wallets tab now shows the total value of your SafeCoin funds in US Dollars using the highest bid price of SafeCoin on the SafeTrade exchange as the value of SafeCoin.


See the current market price of your SafeCoin portfolio.

As usual, the main wallet tab shows the latest activity on your SafeCoin wallet. All deposits and withdrawels are shown here.

SafeWallet Funds

Keep track of all your activity.

The new SafeTrade wallet allows you to see the latest price of all trading pairs from the exchange.


Check the latest prices from SafeTrade directly from your wallet.

We have also integrated the SafeTrade voting list into the wallet. This lets you see who is leading the race to become the next coin on SafeTrade.

You can easily send a vote for your favourite coin by copying the deposit address for the coin and sending coins there.


We have simplified the process of voting for coins.

Jumblr remains in the wallet too. This is an experimental feature that allows you to jumble your funds.


Advanced users will love what Jumblr offers.

We hope you love SafeWallet 0.29 as much as we do.

Please visit the Github SafeWallet GUI Releases page to download the installation file for Windows, Mac, or Linux.



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