SafeWallet Version 0.30 Released

SafeWallet Version 0.30 Released

Today the SafeCoin team released version 0.30 of SafeWallet. This is a significant release for our project as it is our first step to offering a versatile multi-coin wallet.

This wallet allows users to store SafeCoin and BitcoinZ. We will be adding many new coins to future releases of our wallet.

Download SafeWallet 0.30 on Github.

Suprnova Now Supports SafeCoin

Before I talk more about the new features in SafeWallet 0.30, I want to quickly talk about some other exciting news that has occurred over the last week.

A few days ago Suprnova added mining support for SafeCoin. Suprnova is one of the largest mining pool services on the internet, so we are pleased to have been featured. You can find out more about how to mine SafeCoin on Suprnoba on their SafeCoin mining page.

Last week also saw the release of lolMiner v0.42. This miner allows AMD GPU owners to mine SafeCoin.

Version 0.42 increases the hash rate of RX 580 cards by a whopping 80%. Vega 56 cards will see an increase of 26.5%. We encourage you to check it out if you mine using AMD cards.

SafeWallet Version 0.30

When you load up SafeWallet, you will see an option now to select SafeCoin or BitcoinZ.


Select the coin you wish to access.

A reminder is displayed to save your wallet seed if it is the first time you have accessed the wallet.


Secure your private keys.

Additional coins can be added at any time by clicking on the “Activate Coin” button at the top right-hand side of the wallet.


Activate your selected coin.

BitcoinZ was an easy choice for our first third-party coin in our wallet given our close relationship with the project. In the future we will be adding a host of other coins.


Store your BitcoinZ on SafeWallet.

We still have many features that we want to implement in our wallet, but with every new release our wallets are becoming more user-friendly, more secure, and more versatile.

Help When You Need It

We encourage you to download SafeWallet 0.30 on Github and test our these new features.

From the beginning we have always strived to make our wallets more user-friendly. That is why this wallet features the SafeWallet Swissknife.

This area gives a lot of information on how you can use SafeWallet. There is a getting started area, an FAQ area, and tutorials that explain advanced options.

Swiss Knife

Swissknife explains how SafeWallet works.

We encourage you to check out our tutorial on backing up your wallet. Backing up your SafeCoin funds is the most important thing you can do, so ensure to make backups of your wallet.

Swiss Knife

We explain exactly how you can secure your funds.

As always, if you have any questions relating to your SafeCoin wallet, please ask us in the wallet support room.

Thanks for reading.



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