Uranium-X Added to SafeTrade Exchange

Uranium-X Added to SafeTrade Exchange

Uranium-X is a unique cryptocurrency that has a super low max supply. It is currently a CPU only mineable coin that is ASIC and GPU resistant.

The coin is now available for trading on the SafeTrade exchange using the ticker symbol URX (URX/BTC & URX/SAFE).

The Radioactive Crypto

Uranium-X is certainly one of the most unique coins that has launched in 2018. It uses the CPU only mining algorithm Argon2d and has a total max supply of 235,000 URX. In a world where total supplies are normally in the millions or billions, it is surprising to see a coin launched with such a low max supply.

The block reward difficulty retargets every block and is averaged over a period of 50 to 60 minutes. The block time is 5 minutes and the block reward is 1 URX.


Few coins have as low a supply as Uranium-X.

Welcome Uranium-X

Every new coin that is added to SafeTrade brings something new to the table. It’s safe to say that Uranium-X stands out from the crowd.

We are proud to welcome the project to the SafeCoin and SafeTrade family.

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