Welcome to the SafeCoin Blog

Welcome to the SafeCoin Blog

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the SafeCoin blog.

SafeCoin has came a long way in just a few months. The SafeCoin team continues to grow and trading volume in our SafeTrade exchange increases every day.

One thing that we could not have envisioned is the support we have from SafeCoin users. We have a thriving community of cyptocurrency miners and investers who believe in our long term goals and support our efforts.


Our SafeTrade exchange was launched in Beta a few weeks ago.

From the beginning of the SafeCoin project we had planned to incorporate a blog into the SafeCoin website. Unfortunately, the amount of work that was required to develop SafeCoin and the SafeTrade exchange meant that very little time was left to launch our blog.

With the SafeCoin team growing every month, we are now in a position to launch our blog and update it regularly.

Why Does SafeCoin Need a Blog?

Transparency is, and always will be, one of our core policies. It is vital that we are transparent with SafeCoin miners and investors.

The SafeCoin blog will be used to publish important SafeCoin announcements and news to keep our community informed.

We will also be using the blog to publish:

  • Tutorials
  • Interviews
  • Competitions
  • & Much More

We looking forward to connecting with you all more in the future.

Thanks for reading.



About Safecoin

Jeff Galloway is the founder of SafeCoin and the lead developer of the SafeCoin and SafeTrade projects. A native of Canada, Jeff is passionate about cryptocurrency and the possibilities it offers.
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