Zettelkasten Added to SafeTrade

Zettelkasten Added to SafeTrade

We are proud to announce that the CPU mineable cryptocurrency Zettelkasten has been added to the SafeTrade exchange.

Zettelkasten is German for “card index box”. The project name is frequently abbreviated to ZETTEL.

You can find Zettelkasten on SafeTrade under the ticker name ZTTL. Two trading pairs are available: ZTTL/BTC and ZTTL/SAFE.

The CPU Cryptocurrency

Launched in March 2018, Zettelkasten uses their own unique proof of work algorithm called Burgerhash. This CPU mining algorithm increases the complexity of the algorithm every 100,000 blocks to prevent GPUs and ASICs from being able to mine it.

The coin has a max supply of 30 million coins. The block time is 60 seconds and the block reward is 10 ZETTEL. The block halves every four years.

Mining Zettelkasten is easy as their wallets have a built-in CPU miner.


The Burgerhash algorithm has received a lot of kudos in the crypto world.

Welcome Zettelkasten to SafeTrade

We are always striving to add great cryptocurrencies to SafeTrade. Zettelkasten was a project that we had long admired, so we are pleased to welcoming them to the SafeCoin and SafeTrade family.

If you would like to know more about the project, please check out the official website and the Bitcoin Talk announcement thread.

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