Welcome to SafeCoin!

You want to mine this.   You're here because you want to mine this.

You're right to want to!    But here's the problem:  You can't.  Not yet.  You need to wait.

Update: Kidding! Safecoin is now Launched:             



Could you have done better than this website? Yes :)
When will more information be available? When the initial community has mined enough coins that it makes sense :)
Is it on an Exchange? SafeCoin will have its own exchange and be the Primary currency:  http://fair.exchange  ♥♥♥
Will I be able to  easily exchange it for $USD fiat, without delay?

Yes you will.   SafeCoin will have its own Tether http://bitbucks.org

Will I be able to easily exchange it into my country's fiat, without delay?

Yes you will.   http://worldcash.org

Will SafeCoin be fast?  SafeCoin is working towards near instant transaction speeds and will implement the SwiftCoin protocol.     http://swiftcoin.org
Can I buy things with my SafeCoin? Safecoin will have its own  decentralized market at http://safe.shopping   
Will I find the love of my life with SafeCoin?

Probably.   SafeCoin technology will be utilized at http://safe.singles

Can I see the Whitepaper? Here it is
Windows Wallet? That's funny    *Update: Not as funny anymore. Check github releases.smile
Source Code? https://github.com/Fair-Exchange/safecoin