Learn how to become a Validator


What is a Validator Node?

A Validator Node does the heavy lifting work behind the scenes, processing transactions and running the network To start a Validator Node yourself you will need to meet the minimum hardware requirements.

Validator Nodes

Running a Validator Node offers a unique opportunity to get involved as much as possible in the ecosystem development and adoption. Additionally, running a Validator Node will be eligible for periodic SafeCoin inflationary rewards. Validators are crucial guarantors for maintaining the stability and security of the SafeCoin network.

Validator Pool

It is understandable that not everyone has the resources to run a standalone validator node. One of our main goals is, and always has been, accessibility. With the use of validator pools, a large audience is allowed to participate on a validator node with other members, easing the cost and technical know how.

Difference between SafeNodes and Validators

Although the coming Validator Nodes will likely be called ‘SafeNodes’, they are each based on a different codebase. The new SafeNodes, or Validators, have a completely different approach. The new SafeNodes will be focused on Proof of Stake and Proof of History, and will be doing the real work to hit the high transaction per second (TPS) specification of the new blockchain.

What´s coming


  1. Q4 2020

    Preparation for 2021 Roadmap Goals

    New Chain Announced

  2. Q1 2021

    New state-of-the-art Codebase
    1:1 Swap
    Migration from PoW to PoS

  3. Q2 2021

    60 Day Swap period ends
    SafeSwap DEX Platform
    Safecoin Validators
    SafePay 2.0 release

  4. Q3 2021

    SafeAssets / Contracts
    SafeBridge Interoperability
    Hardware Wallet integration
    Optimized PoH
    Integration with liquidity pools

  5. Q4 2021

    Polkadot Bridge
    Privacy implementation
    Liquidity Pool integration

  6. Q1 2022

    Improved PoH algo (RandomX)
    Binance Chain Bridge
    SafeChat 2.0

  7. Q2 2022

    Avalanche Bridge
    Lending Platform
    Cardano Bridge