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Safe is an advanced form of privacy coin leveraging Z-cash, Komodo, and an improved distribution and emission with ongoing plans for further technology enhancements

SafeCoin is Safe, Secure, and Anonymous

Built with Love for Safety

  • 36 million SafeCoin cap - small premine, no ICO
  • Mining reward stay with miners
  • No fees, taxes, or anything…miners get their block reward
  • Strong Team & Representation by all as a Powerful Community Coin
  • Wallets and communication clients for International Users, with TOR integration
  • Marketing Globalization - Tailored approach to different markets
  • Safe Nodes will provide a resilient, distributed network, leveraging Komodo’s Notary Node technology

With Continuous Quality Advancements

New Partnerships and initiatives forming daily as this young coin emerges

  • Integration of features from across the cryptocurrency community
  • Implementation of new safety orientated features unique to SafeCoin
  • Decentralized Trust - A revolutionaly new concept in Cryptocurrency trust being developed
  • Swiftcoin Protocol - Working to Merge mainstream useability with Zero Knowledge Proofs

Safe - Secure - Anonymous

No other coin fairly distributes as highly advanced technology as SafeCoin does without an ICO or hidden fees for adoption by cryptocurrency community

Best Privacy Tech

  • zk-SNARKS - Private transactions with hidden sender/receiver information
  • Tor Integration - Hides internet connection endpoints to prevent censorship
  • Jumblr Integration - Ensure maximum privacy and anonymity with decentralized mixing
  • Our plan for an enhanced dPOW (delayed Proof of Work) will leverage the strength of the bitcoin network
  • SafeNodes, coming soon, will be based off of Komodo's Notary Node technology but feature an number of improvements in method

Atomic Swaps and Decentralized Exchange

  • Exchange cryptocurrency anonymously via a decentralized system. Currently under testing and rapid development / enhancement

Research and Development Focus

  • Looking to integrate TLS Encryption, OBFS4, a new feature we call "Decentralized Trust", and much more

Most Secure System

  • SafeCoin has tor integration, which we are developing and enhancing further!


  • Proof-of-work, equihash-based GPU mining with the most generous block reward of any equihash coin, while maintaining limited supply


With a deep focus in research and development, our mission is to level the economic playing field through technology.

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Safe uses zk-SNARKS with additional layers of node encryption, domain fronting, and IPFS.

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Total Supply


Circulating Supply



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SafeCoin Launch

  • SafeCoin launched on 02.10.18

Core Updates

  • First and only Komodo fork without any ICO
  • Blockchain improvements
  • Replay protection

Wallets and Products

  • Tor SafeCoin Nodes
  • Atomic Swaps
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Windows/Linux/Mac GUI Wallet - full blockchain
  • Lite blockchain options
  • Android Wallet Coming Soon
  • iOS Wallet Coming Soon
  • Paper Wallet has just arrived!
  • SwiftCoin Protocol Basic Implementation
  • Web Wallet coming soon
  • TLS Encryption
  • Decentralized Trust - Basic Implementation

Safe Nodes

  • Resilient end-to-end network protection

Enhanced Decentralized Exchange

  • Merging go technology to expand exchange into mainstream markets
  • Evolution of decentralized exchange into Decentralized Market
  • Full Implementation of SwiftCoin Protocol
  • Mobile API for advanced next gen integrations

Our SafeNode Plan

  • SafeNode Notary Node system improvements

Research and Development

  • DAO Treasury Protocol-level Voting System
  • Scaling study - next generation blockchain solution
  • Domain Fronting
  • SafePub Protocol-level

White Paper is in revision and will be released shortly. Novel new innovations are currently in phase:

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A Global Team

The SafeCoin team is a rapidly growing group of talented and dedicated individuals from around the globe with a focus on bringing you better privacy and security.

Use Safe

Our talented community is dedicated to building SafeCoin into The Safety solution for cryptocurrency


Peer-to-Peer Payments

  • BitCash App integration (1Q 2018)
  • Safe Wallets Business-to-Business!

These resources will help you better understand the Safe brand and how to properly represent it.



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