Whitepaper V2

This week brings us the release of the Safecoin Whitepaper V2 as a follow-up to the successful launch of Safenodes Phase 1. Whitepaper V2 The new whitepaper offers a far more in-depth explanation of our goals and the Safecoin Ecosystem in general and while we will never be satisfied and already have further revisions and…
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Introducing SafeNodes: Phase One

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of SafeNodes, Phase I. If you’ve been waiting and want to set up your node, click here. We’ve just succeeded with a little bit of blockchain history here at Safecoin. After a lot of hard work, the SafeNodes Phase One is finally here. You’re now able to…
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Safecoin QT-Wallet

A reliable Wallet is key to keeping your SafeCoins safe and secure while maintaining flexible access. Our new SafeCoin QT-Wallet offers a reliable and simple lightweight solution to manage your funds. This wallet boasts great performance and a straight-forward user-interface.

SafeNodes Collateral funding begins!

Team SAFE is thrilled to announce the beginning of the SafeNodes setup process: SafeNodes Key Creation and Funding. The beginning of making crypto better and Safer for everyone with the MATCH protocol. Please keep in mind that this is JUST the first step, and we will be providing additional steps very shortly as people’s funded…
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SafePay iOS Release

SafePay, the newest member of the SafeCoin ecosystem, is now available for iOS ! Built with Ease of Use in mind, but with uncompromising Security and packed with advanced mobile and multisig features, we hope SafePay can make a difference for new and experienced users alike. Featuring Safecoin, this wallet offers a number of other…
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SafePay Wallet Released

Team Safe proudly presents: SafePay, a multi-project cryptocurrency wallet for your mobile phone SafePay makes your crypto payments Safe & Secure for Safecoin, and all your favorite cryptocurrencies in the SafeCoin and SafeTrade ecosystem. An enhanced Copay application with full multi-signature capabilities. Group together with your friends and family to split the bill, or send…
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Introducing the MATCH protocol for SafeNodes

SafeCoin, the project behind SafeTrade’s flagship base trading pair, has been hard at work developing the world’s first Multi-Asset Transactional Consensus Hardening (MATCH) protocol, which introduces SafeNodes. The MATCH protocol is already active on the SafeCoin blockchain, at a very small scale. We are looking for projects that we believe will have a lasting impact…
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SafeNodes Upcoming Launch Update

SafeNodes Introduction: Securing the Future of Crypto SafeTrade’s flagship base pair, SafeCoin, is extremely pleased to announce Successful testing implementation of SafeNodes on mainnet. SafeNodes offer decentralized solutions that not only our community, but all of crypto, needs and deserves right now. What are SafeNodes? SafeNodes are simply the world’s Only cost-free, sustainable, efficient solution…
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Don’t lose your crypto- here are some tips to keep you Safe!

Important tips on securing your SafeCoin and other cryptocurrency. 1. Don’t store assets on exchanges! Exchanges will always be a target for hackers. And sometimes exchanges just shut down. 2. Use cold wallets, hardware wallets or secure paper wallets when possible. 3. Backup your private keys. Backup your wallet.dat AND backup your private keys for…
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SafeCoin Now listed at Escodex

We are happy to announce Safecoin’s first DEX listing. Escodex is a decentralized exchange that is based on escrow concept. It allows anonymous global traders to swap their digital assets. Escodex is located in Estonia Trading Fees: 0.01% to 0.1% Start trading at Escodex